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I Know What Prayer Can Do

I Know What Prayer Can Do

I Know What Prayer Can Do

by Daniel Whyte III
with Meriqua Whyte

The third novel in the Prayer trilogy is here! Find out what happens next to newly-wed Aubrey and her friends.

Aubrey survived an abusive relationship and she met the man of her dreams through prayer. Now she’s joined the circle of married people along with her friends, Simone and Kelli. But what about Jennifer? Does her mysterious disappearance right after Aubrey’s wedding have anything to do with the fact that her three friends are now married, but not her? Or is there more?

As Mother Jamison has a couple close calls with death, will Aubrey’s faith falter, or will her husband’s frequent words, “I know what prayer can do,” strengthen her to be a bulwark that others can lean on?

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