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by Daniel Whyte III
with Meriqua Whyte

To Be a Teen After God’s Own Heart Series

“The grass ain’t never greener on the other side. It’s what you make of it on this side that counts,” Grandmother Belle frequently says to Giné. But Giné’s desire to experience how the other side lives drives her to join La Paz and travel on a three month-long modeling tour. What will life throw her way as she innocently goes out with Chris? All along the journey, Giné wonders who her mother is—the mother she last saw when she was five years old, but who has kept up with her whereabouts. Will Isis, the pole dancer, be able to unlock the mystery to her mother’s disappearance? Giné begins to ask more questions and is determined to get some answers.

NOTE: This book was originally named Ruby in honor of a relative of the author who lives in North Carolina. We had never heard of a book with that name before, but since our sister, Oprah, recently announced a new book club pick titled “Ruby” (which was published a year ago by a Random House imprint named Crown Publishing), we have decided to change the name of this story of our own volition to prevent confusion down the road. (We have changed the title to Gine` after another relative of the author from North Carolina.) We have never been contacted by the publisher, Random House/Crown Publishing, or the author requesting that we change the name. We are doing this out of Christian love for the author, her editor, her publisher, and for sister Oprah as she has bought the movie rights to this book. The book is already a success and will be a bigger success in the future. We wish them all the best. May God bless this dear lady, Cynthia Bond, and her new friend, Oprah!

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